A New Short Film!

Hey guys! Guess what? I made a thing! That is, I wrote and directed a short film, with the extended support of a team of EXTREMELY talented people. "Rent. Control." was shot to look like a multicam sitcom scene, and let me tell you, directing this baby was an amazing learning experience. I have previously directed several theatrical productions (like this one), but as you probably can guess, film is quite a different beast, and I had a lot to learn. I owe a huge debt to producer Jonathan Bruno for guiding me through the much of the process, and to the whole cast and crew for their glorious good natures, patience, and skill:

Alex Clark, of cartoon fame, lent his comedic genius to the role of Daniel; Molly Bruno edited and colored; Barnaby Coxon led the sound design, and Brooke Coxon composed the original score! And extra thanks to supporters who contributed valuable gear and guidance: Mey Chan, Sarah Greenleaf, Geoff Goodloe, Kellen Moore, and the lovely folks at Wooden Nickel Lighting. Every one of you guys are ROCK STARS, and this wouldn't have happened without you. Seriously, y'all: thank you. 

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An exhausted tenant attempts to have a furry guest evicted -- but the antisocial building manager isn't exactly cooperative. Spoiler: I got to play the building manager, and it was waaaay too much fun!