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I've worked as a ghostwriter and editor on over a dozen projects, and I'd love to help you with yours. 

Did you know that an estimated 60% of all nonfiction bestsellers were written by ghostwriters? That's because celebrities know the value of a good book, even if they don't personally have the tools to create one. But these benefits aren't just for celebrities -- anyone, especially business owners, can gain a lot from a good book. Outside of the income you earn from sales, having a book to your name can build your brand, help you grow your client list, book more speaking gigs, and (most importantly) tell the story that only you can tell. Because you do have an amazing story, a unique insight, a particular expertise that will provide incredible value to your readers  -- but maybe you're not sure where to start, or you just don't have the time right now.

That's where I come in.

We'll work together to develop your idea, your outline, and your table of contents. Then, through a series of interviews, you'll tell me all about your book -- and I'll write it for you, from start to finish. Interested? 

Already got a manuscript? No problem -- I also work as an editor, and I can help you polish those pages 'til they sparkle. 

Contact me today for references, and let's get started your next project!