Hi, there! My name is Heather Rose Walters. I'm a writer & creative living in Los Angeles, California. 

I also don't really like the word 'creative' as a noun, but I used it anyway. It's kind of a strange noun, if you ask me--but I'm kind of a strange noun, too. If YOU'RE one of those strange nouns, then you've come to the right place! I particularly love to write about the intersection of culture + creativity + spirituality. If that sounds like your kinda jam, subscribe to my weekly blog.

Elsewhere, you can find me ghostwriting bestselling books and writing articles as the Editorial Manager for HER Magazine. I also love to read and write fiction, screenplays, and short films (especially for virtual reality).

ALSO, if you happen to own or run a business, I specialize in creating blogs for your website! My clients have tripled their web traffic and grown their practice in some pretty incredible ways. Check this out to learn more, and feel free to contact me if you'd like a free blog post, no strings attached! 

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