I've been the Managing Editor at HER Magazine, an online resource dedicated to women in business, since January 2018. See my author page and complete list of articles here.

My other work has appeared in Darling MagazineCity Arts MagazineOregon Bride MagazineLine Zero Literary Journal, Script Literary Journal, All Things Real Estate, Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, and extensive online publications. For nearly a decade I have supported small businesses and writers with content creation (blogs, newsletters, etc), social media marketing, and editing. I also ghost write books for Nonfictionbook.co, and have a degree in English (writing track) and Theatre from Whitworth University. 

I also wrote a seven-month column for Darling Magazine entitled: Two Left Feet: Adventures In Dance With An Untrained Dancer. 

For writing samples categorized by subject matter, see below. 

The Arts: 

  • Wonder Woman All-Female Screenings: Reverse Sexism? (spoiler alert: no they are not) Last week, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced they’d be offering a ladies-only screening of the much-anticipated blockbuster, Wonder Woman...Read the full article here. Published online for HER Magazine June 2017

  • 9 Mystery Books & Films That Are Actually Worth Your Time This Fall Every story has a season. A dreamy romance is perfect for the blooms of spring, but a tale of swashbuckling adventure will be most enjoyed during the summer months. An aching tragedy, on the other hand, somehow makes the melancholy of winter even more lovely. And mysteries?  Mysteries are the kinds of stories that creep into our thoughts and dreams during the pale sunset of autumn...Read the full article here. Published online for Darling Magazine, October 2015

  • Two Left Feet: Adventures In Dance With An Untrained Dancer Part I: Over the Hill - These days it seems pointless to begin any sort of dance if you’re over the age of three-and-a-half. It’s way too easy to look like a fool next to those people who live and breathe the stuff. Trust me, I know. I’ve been the girl who can only awkwardly hunch forward to grab her ankle in the air, knee bent, while the prima ballerinas around me lift their legs gracefully to their ears. Now, my best dance moves involve mostly jogging in place, “woo”-ing and the occasional Grease throwback. Still, a girl can dream — which I do all too willingly...Read the full article here. Published as a monthly online column for Darling Magazine 2014-2015.

  • Curator's Eye: Mavi Contemporary Art Gallery The closure of the much-loved Two Vaults Gallery earlier this year was viewed by most as a tragedy for the local arts community. Where others saw an end, though, Mavi and Elizabeth Ashe saw a beginning...Read the full article here. Published in print in City Arts Magazine, September 2010.

  • Theatre Review: Cider House Rules Ensemble is More Than Just A Cast For the last twenty years, Book-It Repertory Theatre has made the wearying task of adapting novels for the stage look easy. For those who haven’t seen a production: the unique style weaves expository narration from the original text into the lines of the play. So Homer, while in the act of looking frantically...Read the full review here. Published online for City Arts Magazine. 


  • Look of the Week: An October Inspired Ensemble For Your Bridesmaids We all know that the days of forcing hideous dresses on hapless ladies-in-waiting are over. Brides are taking the task of choosing a dress for their bridesmaids more and more seriously. And why not? You love your girls, and you want them to feel primped and pretty on the big day, too! But choosing a bridesmaid ensemble can be tricky...Read the full post here. Published online for Oregon Bride Magazine.
  • Look of the Week: Glamourous Holiday Cheer The holidays are quickly closing in upon us, and I'm sensing some appropriately-themed weddings might be right on their tail. I know this look-of-the-week might be too late for you Christmas-weekend brides (bold, by the way--who's going for it?), but for anyone who might still be frantically searching, look no further...Read the full post here. Published online for Oregon Bride Magazine.
  • Bridal Fashion Saves Lives Through 31 Bits They say if you give a man a fish, he'll have food for a day--but if you teach him to fish, he'll have food for a lifetime. The same principle applies to the organization 31 Bits, but instead of fish they're brilliantly utilizing fashion and design "to empower women to rise above poverty"... Read the full post here. Published online for Oregon Bride Magazine. 


  • When Life Hands You A Rainy Day, Take Pictures! Everything was in place: the garden games were set up, the ceremony was to be in a glade next to a lazy green river, and all the tables were spread across an expanse of lush green lawn. It seemed like the picture-perfect farm wedding--until the rain clouds decided to unceremoniously crash the party...Read the full post here. Published online for Oregon Bride Magazine.
  • Stylishly Small: An Intimate Affair To Remember  Think a packed reception hall is the only way to make a mark with your big day? Think again.  When a mountain man from Colorado and a sassy fireball from Australia (yes, she's just as tough as the cliche might suggest) decided to wed on the coveted 11-11-11...Read the full post here. Published online for Oregon Bride Magazine.  
  • See more of my work for Oregon Bride Magazine here.


  • Selena Soo Makes Her Own In-Crowd Everybody, in every industry, always seems bent on reminding us of that one irrefutable fact: It’s all about who you know. Networking is such a common command that many of us become exhausted with it, especially introverts...Read the full article here. Cover Story for HER Magazine, August 2017. 
  • Rachel Maser, Clean Eating Mogul You might not assume that a meth-addict-turned-single-mom with practically zero job experience, let alone actual business experience, would eventually build a multi-million dollar clean-eating empire using only her cell phone. But, in the extraordinary case of Rachel Maser, you would be assuming wrong...Read the full article here. Cover story for HER Magazine, May 2017
  • Survivor's Newest Villian: Playing a Role, or Playing for Keeps? Deception is standard procedure for many contestants on Survivor. But in the case of Michael Jefferson, SLU fitness model and star of the 24th season of Survivor: One World, premiering tonight at 8/7 c, it’s appearances that might be deceiving...Read the full interview here. Published online for Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited.
  • Questions for Daniel Smith, curator of the Tether Design Gallery The woman’s mouth is open, mid-roar, her teeth mid-snarl, and her pink-and-blue hair flies forward from behind her, frozen in the jerk of a head-bang. This image, Tether Design Gallery curator Daniel Smith will tell you, is a puzzle piece in a larger narrative that has been neglected for too long. Until now...Read the full article here. Published in print in City Arts Magazine, August 2010.
  • Meet Soman Chainani! In Soman Chainani’s first novel, The School For Good and Evil, ordinary boys and girls are kidnapped and trained to be either heroes or villains in their very own fairy tale. A fascinating story with an incredible setting, the novel has debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List...and will soon be a major motion picture from Universal Studios! ...Read the full interview here. Published online for The Digits.
  • Meet The Sunshine Girl!  If there’s something strange—and it don’t look good—who ya gonna call? Since this is not 1984 you might not be able to answer with “Ghost Busters." Never fear, though—the Sunshine Girl has your back! Teenage paranormal investigator extraordinaire, Paige McKenzie is the face behind the Youtube Channel "The Haunting of the Sunshine Girl,"...Read the full interview here. Published online for The Digits.
  • Meet The Doubleclicks! Described as “snarky, geeky and sweet,” the cello and ukulele sister duo Angela and Aubrey Webber are The Doubleclicks, and they have found a special niche in the world of folk music. Their geektastic songs and nerd-centric lyrics are clever and catchy...Read the full interview here. Published online for The Digits.
  • Meet Amber J Keyser! Amber J. Keyser is former ballerina and evolutionary biologist with an MS in zoology and a Ph.D. in genetics. Now she writes both fiction and nonfiction for tweens and teens! She’s the author of a bunch of awesome books...Read the full interview here. Published online for The Digits.
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Travel and Adventure:

  • Destination Weddings on the Oregon Coast Rows of white wicker chairs face a long stretch of sand fading into the sea, where the sun is slowly deciding it might just begin to set. There’s a driftwood arch at the end of the aisle draped with a gauze that shimmers against the blue sky of the early evening, and guests toss aside shoes in favor of the sand between their bare toes...Read the full article here. Published in print in Oregon Bride Magazine, Spring/Summer 2013.
  • The Rake: This Time You're Not Alone Dating can be expensive. Dating someone who loves the arts is even more so, but the budding romance of fall beckons and the arts are in bloom, so you’ve got to do something to avoid a lonely winter. To help you out we’ve planned a few dates – complete with a meal and arts for two – that can suit a range of wallet sizes. Now all you have to worry about is the breath mints...Read the full article here. Published in print in City Arts Magazine, September 2010.
  • The Rake: Go Broke Proactively spiting the economy’s brutal attempts to withhold the world of art from the cash strapped, Western Washington University-based “TAFÉ” (rhymes with “café”), which stands for “Taking Advantage of Free Events,” not only encourages but requires its members to attend any and every free event within their reach. Founder Kajori Ahmed explains to City Arts what spawned this innovation and what keeps the group moving on through both the boring and the beautiful...Read the full article here. Published in print in City Arts Magazine, September 2010.