63. Caught In A Loop.


Right -- left -- left -- left -- right...or was it left? Abe was getting dizzy as they followed Cece, the red-headed pickpocket, up through the catacombs back towards the light of Paris. He didn’t remember it being this complicated as they came down, but they hadn’t been paying much attention. Ava had only wanted to catch her.

Well, they'd accomplished that, but only after Ava had disappeared into a timepiece and fought off a sociopathic serial killer from the 1500’s. Abe wondered how long Ava had been in there. It had only been one hour to him, but to her, it could have been...well, he didn’t like to think about that.

Would she age? The thought had never struck him before. But if she spent too long in these timepieces, would she age faster? He knew she could be injured in the timepiece, he remembered with a wince. That surgery had been tricky. If she could be injured, she could age.

“Almost there,” Cece whispered over her shoulder, and Abe wondered why it wasn’t getting any lighter.