70. Curb Stopped.


“I saved you from some seriously terrifying loan sharks!” Ava snapped right back, cursing under her breath. “And you’re welcome, by the way!”

Cece stood up and wiped her mouth. “I’m welcome?” she gasped. “I had everything under control!”

Ava snorted. “Yeah, it sure looked like that when Arnault’s henchman shot you.”

Cece shook her head in frustration. “No one shot me, you idiot!”

“Not this time,” said Ava in exasperation. “Because I saved you! Now come on, will you?”

“But how do you know--” Cece knelt forward and threw up again. She couldn’t shake this horrible nausea.

“It must be from using the watch,” said Abe consolingly. “Since you’re not a Coulise. It will...wear off.” He turned to Ava. “Are you sure we lost them?”

“For the last time, yes,” she said. “Besides, we can use the watch again if we have to.” Cece’s hand flew to her mouth. No, she mentally insisted, we really cannot.