76. Impossible.


Ava refused to believe it -- there was no way something that horrible could happen to Allie. Not her. Not ever.

Cece cleared her throat. “Would you please explain to me what is going on?”

But Ava shook her head. “We don’t need to explain anything to you, you--”

Abe cut her off: “She knows enough already, Ava!” He turned back to the lying thief. “Ava’s twin sister went missing two years ago. Ava’s trying to fix the watch so she can go back and find her--”


But it was too late. Cece whirled upon Ava, eyes flashing. “It’s broken?” she cried. “But you promised--you promised you could help me!”

“And you promised you would take me to my--” She stopped. She couldn't finish that sentence. That woman wasn't her sister.

Abe held up his hands. “Stop! Alright, so, the woman in there might actually be Allie.” No, Ava thought. Never. It was impossible. “But...if she aged inside a timehole, who knows what--” 

“NO!” Ava closed her eyes, willing it to not be true. Praying it wasn't true. Pleading.

It wasn't her. It couldn't be her.

Could it?